2021 Award Winning Structures

2021 Award Winning Structures

MakMax Taiyo Middle East taking the Fabric Structures Crown at IAA

The Al Wasl Plaza Dome at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai is the centerpiece of this grandiose event. The Dome has a 130m diameter, a height of 65m, and is composed of 631 panels, divided into 30 unique shapes with unique curved seamlines, altogether covering a surface of 17.400 sqm. The specially developed tan color PTFE-coated fiberglass mesh ensures the perfect interface to make this structure the biggest 3D projection mapping screen on Earth.


Taiyo Europe Double Excellence Award Winner + Outstanding Achievement

Taiyo Europe received three very impressive awards for large scale tensile membrane structures including a renovated stadium roof and two remarkable ETFE structures.

Taiyo Europe was recognised with an Award for Excellence for their work on the new stadium roof at Estadio Ciudad de Valencia in Spain. The existing stadium, which has a capacity of 26,000 seats, was retrofitted with a new tensile membrane roof consisting of 28 membrane panels supported by two arches and fixed in the cable net structure.  This roofing structure covers a large area of approximately 9,000 square meters and was designed to integrate with the existing stadium infrastructure.

The Gare De Rennes train station in France was another project that was recognised with an Award for Excellence. The renovation of the train station brought to life a new landscape, created to welcome travellers to find their own “path inside of the forest”. Tree structures were designed with steel columns and branches made of wooden beams to support the sinuous, wavy TensoSky® ETFE roof cushions. The unique design maximises light into the open space to reflect that of the French Bretagne region.

Taiyo Europe received an Outstanding Achievement in Frame Supported Structures for the Swatch Headquarters in Switzerland. The dynamic and innovative transparent façade at Swatch Headquarters features 965 single cushions equalling 37,700 square feet of TensoSky® ETFE film in a unique, three-dimensional design. This structure demonstrates a new development and application of membrane construction.


Birdair awarded Outstanding Achievement in Facades

Birdair Inc, based in Buffalo, NY, received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Facades for its tensile façade panels at the Parmer Pond Grandstands, part of a new training complex for Major League Soccer’s Austin Football Club in Austin, Texas. This award is a recognition of the scope of Birdair’s work on the Parmer Pond Grandstand project. The grandstands consist of eight large façade area and two smaller tensile façade areas. The structure is made up of 96 individual PTFE mesh fabric panels covering 1500 square feet. The unique geometric shaped PTFE mesh panels integrated with the black metal façade created a unique signature look for the soccer complex.


Under One Roof

MakMax Taiyo Middle East, Taiyo Europe and Birdair are all proud to be part of the global Taiyo Kogyo Group, the world’s leading tensile membrane contractor with nearly 100 years of industry experience including design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of architectural fabric structures. The Taiyo Kogyo Group, consisting of 29 companies world-wide, strives to pursue limitless possibilities of membranes to build innovative, sustainable, and lasting structures around the world.