MakQuick Shelter

MakQuick Shelter

MakQuick Hybrid Air Tent

The MakQuick Shelter is a Hybrid Air Tent that can be set up quickly and easily thanks to its unique double-layered “Air-Beam” construction.

The three arched air-beams support the shape of the tent and can be inflated rapidly to provide shelter in range of situations.

Expandable, flexible and easily transportable, the MakQuick Shelter has been specifically designed for emergency services and disaster relief agencies.

MakQuick Rapid Setup

Quick Setup

The unique 3-branch hose connects the pump to all three air-beams simultaneously.

The relatively low-volume and ability to inflate all three air-beams at the same time makes the MakQuick tent incredibly fast to setup. Inflation takes under 2 minutes with a high-speed air pump.

Designed For Stability

Designed For Stability

The integration of the membrane shell, FRP rods and air-beams provide excellent structure stability and the MakQuick Shelter is safe even in strong winds. The including guy ropes and sandbags help further stabilise the structure.

The design wind speed is 10m/sec (when using weights).

Easily Transportable

Easily Transportable

The folded tent can be carried by two people (safe-lifting techniques required).

The storage size is as compact as 80 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm (for MQ442) and can be transported in the loading space of a small SUV or Ute.

Pack-down and storage can be completed in 5-10 minutes.

MakQuick Durable

Durable Construction

Made in Japan from architectural-grade, high-quality PVC, the MakQuick Shelter strong and durable.

If the tent walls do suffer cuts or tears, self-adhesive patches are included in the standard accessories. Spare inner air-tubes are also available to purchase and can be replaced easily by the MakQuick owner.

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