Quasar Modular Shade Structure

Quasar Modular Shade Structure

‘Hypar’ Design Shade Structure

When you want shade with style, the Quasar Modular Shade Structure utilises a ‘hypar’ design to create an aesthetically pleasing shade solution.

Popular with resorts, shopping centres, swimming pools and leisure centres, as well as community shade projects for parks and playgrounds, the Quasar is customisable to any size and available with either an umbrella-style central column, or corner columns to create a more open canopy.

  • Multiple units can be linked together to increase the shade and weather protected area.
  • Engineered as a permanent shade structure, Quasar Modulars are designed for any Australian wind speed.
  • Completely weather-proof, Quasar models include galvanised steel cables with stainless steel fittings and a UV stabilised membrane.
  • Lighting and electrical connectivity available.

Quasar Modular Standard Sizes

Canopy Size (m)
Model Number
Monaco shape 03
4 x 4QS40
5 x 5QS50
6 x 6QS60
7 x 7QS70
8 x 8QS80
9 x 9QS90
10 x 10QS100
12 x 12QS120

Hyperbolic Parabaloid

The Hyperbolic Paraboloid, or ‘hypar’ shape is used frequently in membrane shade structures.

The opposing high and low connection points help to hold the membrane under tension and create a strong, stable structure.

Hypar Design

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