Walkways & Public Shade Structures

Walkways & Public Shade Structures

Public Shade Structures for Retail, Transport, and Leisure.

Large public gathering spaces such as airport, convention centres, outdoor shopping centres and pedestrian malls often require public shade structures to protect pedestrians from sun and rain. Working with architects, retail developers, local governments, and community groups, MakMax Taiyo Middle East has created a plethora of signature public shade structures for walkways, retail spaces, transport hubs, parks, and community areas.

Flexible design options, long-life spans, and low maintenance structures made possible through tensile membranes lend themselves to public and community projects.

For more benefits of tensile membrane structures; read our Top 5 Advantages of Architectural Fabric Structures.

Walkways & Pedestrian Area Protection

Lightweight, UV blocking and waterproof; fabric structures are easy to install and able to be shaped around existing buildings, making them perfect for connecting one place to another via covered walkways, or else providing shaded and weather-protected pedestrian zones.

MakMax Taiyo Middle East has a long history of creating shaded walkways. From the large entrance canopies at Mumbai Airport, to the stunning The Link Walkway at Chadstone Shopping Centre, we’ve protected pedestrian areas all over the world. Some of the walkway structures we have created include;

  • Extended awnings or portes cochères, providing shelter for entering/exiting buildings.
  • Free-standing structures in pedestrian malls or outdoor shopping centres.
  • Covered walkways connecting a carpark or transit station to airports.
  • Passenger arrival zones and a covered concourse at airports.
  • Covered walkways connecting school and university buildings, can offer students protection as they move about campus.
  • Walkways that blur the lines between protection and art at major stadiums and events.
Public Membrane Walkway, The Link
Public Shade Structures - South Hedland Amphitheatre
Public Shade Structures - The link
Public Shade Structures - Mumbai Airport

Public Transport & Taxi Rank Shelters

Train Stations, Bus Stations, Taxi Ranks and Ferry Terminals. These people-moving hubs need to be memorable and recognisable as part of an overall system, while protecting and directing patrons. Taking advantage of a bold colours, unique shapes and smart design, a transport hub can be made iconic by the use of a custom tensile membrane public shade structures.

You can see examples of some of our work for Transport Hubs at:

  • HHR Makkah Station in Saudi Arabia.
  • Carpark shades around the Gulf.
  • Airport’s ground transportation stations & linking walkway to parking.
  • Perth Airport Taxi Rank
  • and many more

Parks, Playgrounds & Community Spaces

Working with local councils as well as private planned-community developers,  MakMax Taiyo Middle East has a long history of creating unique and inviting TensoShade structures for community spaces, such as playground shade, BBQ and picnic area cover, public stages and amphitheatres.

Challenging the imagination and creating exciting public spaces can be aided with the variety or forms architectural fabric architecture can take. From bright and colourful permanent umbrellas to a fully designed and engineered bespoke solution, MakMax has your covered.


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