Cable Net Structures

Cable Net Structures

Lightweight, Large-Span Roofing Solutions

Cable Net Structures offer minimalistic, light, and aesthetic solutions.

While most tensile membrane structures use cables to tension fabric over a rigid steel-frame, cable net structures use tensioned cables as the main support grid, allowing innovative and lightweight alternatives to standard structures.

A common application is to create an anticlastic support grid of cables, which in turn provide support for a tensioned membrane surface.

This helps to develop aesthetically pleasing and iconic architectural membrane structures and architectural features that almost seem to float over the covered area. Cable net structures can be used to obtain larger spans by reducing the number of columns or other conventional structural elements.

MakMax Taiyo Middle East also has experience in creating parallel cable grid structures for shade and artwork elements.

Cable Net Stadiums

With the ability to achieve large spans with minimal support elements, cable net structures have been used in multiple MakMax and Taiyo Kogyo stadium roof designs.

Making use of either a self-supporting inner tension ring connected to an outer superstructure via a radial cable grid (on projects such as the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium or the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium), or using a radial cable grid supported by a central arch on stadiums such as Moses Mabhida Stadium, gravity-defying stadium membrane roofing is made possible through innovative cable net structures.

Cable Net Structures - Stadium example
Cable Net Structures - St Margarets Cable Grid Velarium
Cable Net Structures - The Perth Stadium Arbour

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