Customise Your Umbrella

Customise Your Umbrella

Make your umbrellas as unique as your business

Are you looking for something that specifically reflects your project and makes your business stand out from the rest? You can choose to customise your umbrella in a number of ways.

We believe in a limitless possibilities culture and are open to customisation upon request. Our team are excited by the challenge of creating non-standard umbrella sizes, shapes and other weird and wonderful ideas. Share your vision with us and together we can craft something new and exciting to make your business stand out.

Commercial Umbrella in Poppy Red

Fabric Colours

Stand out with a splash of colour! Coloured umbrellas add personality, enhance your branding and brighten up any area.

Bright colours are perfect for theme parks, resorts, cafes/bars and childcare centres, while more neutral greys and black colours add a touch of elegance in commercial settings.

MakMax Umbrellas Colour Upgrades

Commercial Umbrella Accessories - Umbrella With Black Painted Steel Frame

Steel Options

Centra and Leva models are built with steel frame components finished with multi-layer paint system using only premium quality paint for a high-quality and longer-lasting finish. Choose from a range of steel powdercoat colours.

Porta model comes with a 38mm Stainless Steel Pole (satin polished) as standard. Upgrade to stainless steel frame is also available on selected Centra models.

See our Colour Range for options.

Commercial Umbrella Accessories - Umbrella with LED Spot Lights


Your MakMax umbrella can be upgraded to include an Electrical Ready Pole, which makes it possible to including lighting under your umbrella.

LED lighting options, such as strip lights or small flood lights, are available through our lighting partner supplier. An electrical contractor can install a standard power outlet onto the electrical-ready frame for you to add your own lights, such as festoon or fairy lights.

Note: Electrical Ready Pole requires an electrical connection to the Umbrella footings.

Custom Logos on architectural umbrellas

Logos & Branding

Add your own branding to your umbrella through colours and logos.

MakMax can source vinyl cut logos to be added to your PVC canopy, and a range of PVC colours sourced from two premium-quality manufactures ensures a huge range of colour possibilities to match or complement your corporate identity.

Speak with our umbrella team to explore what we can achieve together.

Commercial Umbrella Accessories - Linked Umbrella with Gutter

Fabric Linking

The MakMax linking system can be applied to Centra and Leva square models, enabling individual umbrellas to be joined together, providing expanded all-weather shade and shelter. The Centra hexagonal and truncated square models can also be linked in special applications.

The MakMax linking system is created using a separate infill section of membrane that secures underneath the umbrella canopies. A powder-coated aluminum channel runs down the centre of the membrane infill to direct rain-water runoff.

Heatray Heating system installed on a MakMax Umbrella

Celmec Heating & Lighting

MakMax’s partner supplier, Celmec International, offers a range of pre-engineered solutions that fit perfectly to MakMax Architectural Umbrellas.

HeatRay™ heating and Celight™ lighting systems by Celmec International can be factory-fitted or installed on site to keep hospitality customers warm and the occasion bright, regardless of the season.

Architectural Umbrella Pavement Socket

Pavement Sockets & Timber Decks

MakMax Architectural Umbrellas are most commonly installed as a permanent structure directly to a slab. We also offer a range of ground fixing options for our Porta and Centra models, providing flexible installation solutions for most locations.

Pavement sockets – a semi-permanent options ideal for cafes, restaurants and pedestrian areas.

Deck Bracket – perfect for installing in a wooden deck where deep-set footing are not possible.

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Architectural Umbrellas With Concrete Seating Block

Concrete Blocks & Planter Box

Designed for maximum stability, yet still removable if required, the concrete base or planter box is a solution for securing your umbrella when permanent ground fixing is not an option.

Design options include bench seating-style wooden slats or a cavity area for plants.

These heavy blocks come with a grooved based to accommodate a manual European-style Pallet Jack.

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Architectural Umbrella Extra Height

Height Adjustments

This is a popular option for umbrellas designed to shade pedestrian areas. A higher canopy allows patrons to easily walk under the shaded area.

Every project is different and we can adjust the height of the umbrellas by manufacturing a longer central pole, or by adding a height increase section during installation.

Speak to our team to discuss your project specifications.

A Rotating Boom on a MakMax Leva Umbrella

Leva Rotating/Swivel Boom

Based on a cantilever design, the Leva model umbrella is ideal for covering pool areas or outdoor dining.

Upgrading to a Swivel or Rotating Boom offers even more shade flexibility by allowing the canopy to move around the support pole by upto 360 degrees.

A swivel boom can also add the option of collapsing the canopy and rotating it out of the way during times when shade is not required.

Wind Rated Commercial Umbrellas

Wind Rating Upgrade

MakMax Centra and Leva Umbrellas are engineered to withstand average wind-speeds of up to 120km/h. For high-wind zones, such as unsheltered coastal areas or in some city environments where surrounding buildings create a wind-tunnel effect, MakMax can engineer your umbrella for greater wind-loads.

Note: even with a wind-rating-upgraded umbrella, we still recommend closing and securing your umbrella for any severe weather event.

Architectural Umbrella with blinds


Provide extra protection for your covered area by using blinds or side curtains.

MakMax can recommend a range of third-party supplied options including clear, tinted or a perforated colour PVC blinds for rain and weather protection.

Whatever solution you choose will give your project a more unique look while encouraging air flow to ensure your customer’s comfort.

Repairs & Replacement Parts

If your umbrella has suffered damage or if you’ve inherited a location with umbrella already installed and you’re thinking of an upgrade – the first step for any repairs or replacements is to take photos of the existing umbrella (including any damage), a photos of the product sticker (located on the collar) and email us [email protected] so that we can assess the damage and age of the structure.

Centra Opening Procedure

Umbrella Opening Kits

A must have for general use / opening & closing of your collapsible umbrella. Please speak to our umbrella specialist for what erection kit is appropriate for your umbrella model.

Umbrella Reskins

New Skins

Do your existing umbrellas require an upgrade? We can manufacture and replace your existing canopies and you can take this opportunity to change your colour, branding or printing options.

MakMax Umbrella Spare Parts

Umbrella Replacement Parts

Whatever replacement parts you need, our spare parts inventory incorporates small and large items including replacement bolts, cables, umbrella arms or columns. Just contact us with your needs and we will suggest the best solution for you.

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