Tensile Membrane Roofing

Tensile Membrane Roofing

Lightweight, Large-Span Roofing Solutions

Highly visible and aesthetically beautiful, the use of tensile membranes in large-span roofing is a popular, cost-effective way to create a large, weather protected indoor area.

Lightweight tensile membrane roofing can cover open spaces with minimal supporting structure.

The ability to allow glare-free natural light into an indoor space using translucent membranes can assist with creating a comfortable atmosphere for people under the roof, as well as significantly reducing the need for daytime lighting (reducing overall energy consumption).

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Tensile Membrane Roofing Applications

Incredibly versatile, the use of tensile membrane roofing in architecture adds a wonderful palette of shapes, colours and textures to a building design.

The most common tensile membrane roofing shapes feature barrel-vault or conical geometries, although with flexible architectural membranes, there are limitless possibilities to the shapes that can be created.

Applications include;

  • Shopping Malls & Retail Precincts
  • Hotels & Convention Centres
  • Alfresco Dining Areas & Function Spaces
  • Stadiums, Grandstands & Aquatic Centres
  • Leisure & Recreation Centres
Tensile Membrane Roof CAD Export Example
Seaworld Plaza Case Study

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