TensoCola Canopy

TensoCola Canopy

The Smart & Stylish School COLA

The MakMax TensoCola School Canopy is our most popular shade cover for schools. A pre-engineered structure with the ability to be adapted for any width, length, height and location, they are the smart way to create a covered outdoor learning area.

A traditional barrel-vault style canopy which provides a strong, safe structure, the MakMax TensoCola Canopy can be used for a variety of applications;

  • Covered Outdoor Learning Area
  • Playground shade cover
  • School swimming pool
  • Assembly area
  • PE / Recreation Yard
  • Weather protection for outdoor lockers
  • Lunch seating area
  • Porte chochere/school entrance

The TensoCola Canopy: Adaptable To Meet Your School's Needs

With qualified engineers and designers on staff, we can adapt your MakMax TensoCola Canopy to fit the space required.

Engineering integrations can include;

  • Choice of architectural fabric canopy; HDPE Mesh for shade-only or waterproof PVC or PTFE.
  • Higher or lower sides to accommodate adjacent buildings.
  • Additional awnings or membrane sections to weatherproof access to the under-canopy area.
  • Reinforced steel supports in high wind zones.
  • Guttering / drainage to redirect water to storm water runnoff or rain water tanks.
A TensoCola Canopy | A School COLA design (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)

Case Study | Dapto, NSW

St Johns TensoCOLA Canopy

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