Dining our way out of COVID: Best Umbrella material

Dining our way out of COVID: Best Umbrella material

The call for outdoor dining|| COVID

The call for outdoor dining amidst COVID conditions

Let’s face it, Australia already does al fresco better than anywhere else – Brisbane and Perth have the ideal weather for it, Sydney has the culture for it, Melbourne has the coffee and dining options aplenty and Adelaide has the best wine. Don’t @ me regional Australia, I can’t list every town here, but we all love outdoor dining!

With Australians emerging from a winter we would all like to forget, it’s now more important than ever for cafés, restaurants, and bars to have outdoor dining options for customers.

In the words of Dan Andrews, “The global pandemic has meant our hospitality industry has had to close its doors, depriving us of the way of life that we love so much. Now we’ll help take the indoors out into to the open air – as Victorians embrace a new way of gathering together under a new COVID Normal.”1

In NSW, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes has been quoted as saying “our climate is perfect for alfresco dining, which brings life and vibrancy to our streets and public squares and gives people a reason to visit city centres.”

“Public spaces have become more important than ever before. As we head into the warmer months, we need to find ways to keep our vital hospitality sector buoyant, while also keeping people safe,” Mr Stokes said.2

With a big push from state governments on outdoor dining and grants being made available to the hospitality to re-invigorate business to a post-COVID normal, now is a great time to invest in your business’ outdoor space.

MakMax Commercial Umbrellas

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The MakMax Architectural Umbrella range consists of high-quality, permanent umbrellas specifically designed for cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars. Our premium range of umbrellas are a cost-effective alternate to building a conventional awning or shade-structure, and more durable and long-lasting than your average market umbrella.

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Amid the challenging circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has faced unprecedented disruptions, with businesses grappling with closures, restrictions, and changing consumer behaviors. As venues strive to adapt to the new normal, outdoor dining has emerged as a crucial solution to meet safety guidelines while providing patrons with enjoyable dining experiences. In this context, MakMax Architectural Umbrellas offer a transformative solution to help businesses navigate the complexities of COVID conditions and revitalize their operations.

The versatility and functionality of MakMax Architectural Umbrellas make them an ideal choice for outdoor dining which is potentila solution for preventing of COVID establishments seeking to create safe and inviting spaces for patrons. By providing ample shade and weather protection, these umbrellas enable businesses to expand their seating capacity outdoors, mitigating the risks associated with indoor gatherings and allowing for greater social distancing among guests.

Furthermore, MakMax umbrellas are constructed using high-quality materials that are not only durable and long-lasting but also easy to clean and maintain, essential considerations in the current hygiene-conscious environment. Their robust design ensures that they can withstand the rigors of daily use and frequent cleaning, providing businesses with peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

Moreover, MakMax Architectural Umbrellas offer customizable options to suit the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of each venue. Whether it’s selecting the perfect size, shape, or color to complement the existing design scheme, businesses have the flexibility to create inviting and visually appealing outdoor dining spaces that attract patrons and enhance their dining experience.

Beyond their practical benefits, MakMax umbrellas contribute to the overall ambiance and atmosphere of outdoor dining venues, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment that encourages guests to linger and enjoy their meals. In this way, they play a vital role in helping businesses adapt to COVID conditions and thrive in a challenging operating landscape.

As governments and health authorities continue to emphasize the importance of outdoor dining as a safer alternative to indoor gatherings, the demand for high-quality shade solutions like MakMax Architectural Umbrellas is expected to grow. By investing in these innovative umbrellas, businesses can not only meet regulatory requirements but also differentiate themselves in the market and provide patrons with memorable dining experiences that prioritize safety and comfort. In the face of COVID conditions, MakMax umbrellas offer a beacon of hope for the hospitality industry, enabling businesses to navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.


Both PTFE and ETFE Architectural Umbrellas from MakMax are customizable to suit the unique requirements of each project, with options available for various sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether it’s a sleek and modern design for a bustling urban plaza or a more traditional aesthetic for a tranquil park setting, MakMax umbrellas can be tailored to complement any architectural style and enhance the overall ambiance of outdoor spaces.

In addition to their aesthetic and functional benefits, MakMax’s PTFE and ETFE Architectural Umbrellas are designed with sustainability in mind. These eco-friendly shade structures are manufactured using recyclable materials and contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling in covered areas.

With their unmatched durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability credentials, MakMax’s PTFE and ETFE Architectural Umbrellas represent the pinnacle of shade structure technology, elevating outdoor environments and enriching the alfresco experience for patrons and visitors alike. Whether it’s providing shade for alfresco dining areas, poolside lounges, or public gathering spaces, MakMax umbrellas set the standard for excellence in outdoor design and innovation.

With even more bespoke options available, such as heaters, roll-down blinds or guttering, your outdoor dining space becomes comfortable in sun or rain, day or night.

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