Sydney Set To Be a 24 hour Alfresco City This Summer : Best material

Sydney Set To Be a 24 hour Alfresco City This Summer : Best material

The NSW Government and City of Sydney have announced up to $20m in joint funding to boost the city centre economy, support businesses and create jobs across the vital summer period.

The City’s plan for a 24-hour alfresco city comprises a number of measures, including:

In a groundbreaking move aimed at invigorating the city center economy and providing vital support to businesses, the NSW Government and City of Sydney have unveiled a joint funding initiative totaling up to $20 million. This significant investment is poised to create jobs and stimulate growth throughout the crucial summer period, underscoring a commitment to revitalizing urban life in the heart of Sydney.

Central to the City’s ambitious vision for a vibrant 24-hour alfresco city are a series of strategic measures designed to transform the urban landscape and enrich the cultural fabric of Sydney. Among these initiatives is the creation of a summer dedicated to alfresco dining, heralding a new era of outdoor culinary experiences that celebrate the city’s unique charm and diversity.

As part of this initiative, the City of Sydney has pledged to extend the waiver of fees associated with outdoor dining until March 2021. This proactive measure aims to incentivize businesses and creatives to embrace the alfresco lifestyle, bringing their culinary delights and artistic endeavors to the streets. By removing financial barriers, the City seeks to foster a dynamic street culture that thrives on creativity, innovation, and community engagement.

Furthermore, the project will see the temporary reclamation of public spaces in specific locations across the city, transforming them into vibrant hubs of outdoor dining activity. Scheduled to kick off in December 2020, this initiative will not only enhance the dining experience for residents and visitors but also contribute to the revitalization of urban spaces, creating inviting environments for social interaction and cultural exchange.

Through these bold and forward-thinking measures, the City of Sydney aims to redefine the urban experience, offering residents and visitors alike the opportunity to embrace the alfresco lifestyle and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Sydney’s cultural heritage. By nurturing a vibrant and inclusive street culture, the City seeks to position Sydney as a global leader in urban innovation and creativity, setting the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

Creating a summer of alfresco dining

The City of Sydney will continue to waive fees associated with outdoor dining until March 2021 to encourage businesses and creatives to bring their businesses and art to the streets. The project will temporarily reclaim spaces for outdoor dining in specific locations. It will kick off from December 2020.

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