The Enogerra Bowls Club Roof: It’s Great For The Game

The Enogerra Bowls Club Roof: It’s Great For The Game

On a rainy day in December 2020, MakMax Taiyo Middle East spoke to Dr Neil Peach, the Secretary at Enoggera Bowls Sports and Community Club about the new synthetic greens and fabric bowls club roof installed over their bowling greens.

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The 3515 sqm PVC fabric barrel vault canopy was installed in 2019 and covers 2 full-size bowling greens at the Brisbane suburban bowls club.

“Our members are over the moon, the bowls community love it, and Bowls Queensland, who are our neighbours, are absolutely gob-smacked by how good it is for the game.”

View the video to hear more about the benefits of a fabric bowls club roof.

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How has your bowling club  green canopy benefited the club?

The benefits to the bowls club over the last 18 months have been enormous, not only having the cover, but the new artificial greens – the combination of those two things has made an enormous difference. Everyone is wowed by the facility, those people who haven’t been involved with bowls who visit our facility are blown away.

So the green, the canopy and the lighting all work magic. At night-time, it’s like an absolute festival of bowls – it makes the game look more exciting. Our members are over the moon, the bowls community love it, and Bowls Queensland, who are our neighbours, are absolutely gob-smacked by how good it is for the game.


What is it like playing under the canopy?

Playing under the canopy of MakMax Modular Shade Structures and Architectural Umbrellas offers a truly unique and immersive experience for patrons and players alike. While it may require a bit of adjustment initially, the benefits of this innovative shade solution quickly become apparent, enhancing the enjoyment of alfresco dining and recreational activities in various weather conditions.

The allure of being shielded from the harsh elements is undeniable, particularly on scorching hot days when the sun’s rays beat down relentlessly. With MakMax’s shade solutions in place, individuals can relish the opportunity to gather outdoors without the discomfort of excessive heat and humidity. Similarly, during inclement weather, such as rainy days or gusty winds, the protective canopy provides a sanctuary, allowing patrons to continue their activities uninterrupted.

Moreover, the ambiance created under the canopy is truly unparalleled, especially during evening events illuminated by enchanting lights. Whether it’s a lively gathering of friends, a romantic dinner for two, or a community event, the sheltered outdoor space offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for all occasions.

One of the remarkable aspects of playing under the canopy is the versatility it offers throughout the seasons. During the scorching summer months when traditional grass greens may be unusable, the shaded environment provided by MakMax structures ensures that outdoor activities can still be enjoyed comfortably. Similarly, in the colder winter months, the canopy offers protection from chilly winds, allowing players to continue their favorite pastimes without discomfort.

The experience of playing or dining under a MakMax canopy is not just about protection; it’s about enhancing the overall enjoyment and comfort of outdoor activities. With the assurance of shelter from the elements, individuals can fully immerse themselves in the moment, savoring every aspect of their outdoor experience without worrying about external factors.

In essence, MakMax’s shade solutions offer more than just protection; they create an oasis of comfort and enjoyment where people can gather, play, dine, and connect with nature, regardless of the weather conditions outside. It’s a testament to the transformative power of innovative design and engineering, enriching the outdoor experience for generations to come.


Would you recommend a bowling green canopy to other clubs?

So from our point of view, in Queensland where the summer weather is very changeable and you have enormous heat and humidity (as well as big storms), having the venue means that we’ve got certainty about what we organise with our social bowlers and with our barefoot bowlers. We don’t have to call off events because of the weather.

It provides an opportunity for people to be able to play the game in comfort. Other clubs are all impressed with it, they’d love one themselves. It does cost money, but boy oh boy, in the long run, it’s so good for the game.

It’s a product, that we believe will position the game for a future. A future of younger people (and not so young people) being attracted to it because of the quality of the facilities.

And the certainty of being able to practice, in the evening and early in the morning. Some of our members here are up at daylight and are out on the green practicing and others are here until 8 – 8:30 at night.

It’s a great venue, it’s a great facility, and we strongly recommend if you can, to get a cover.